Rental procedure

① Register (only in the new one)
Sign up for cycle port  or Sign up at the counter

② Payment

③ of base rate When we input cell-phone number and full name into port terminal in the case of use of rental

◆ cell-phone number and input password of short email to arrive into cell-phone, on the rocks of bicycle comes and becomes available.

④ In the case of rental (2)

◆ key card Lock of bicycle comes off when involved, and terminal becomes able to use key card. ※If there is during period of use, after registration, it is available again and again.

⑤ Front wheel is locked when we put bicycle in the rack after use of return

Return completion.

⑥ When payment

additional charge of additional charge incurs, please pay additional charge.

Detailed procedure of the initial loan

① Loan button is pressed
Main menu of the installed terminal to cycle port, and presses the "loan" button.
※Cell-phone is necessary for registration.

② It is agreement

③ in Terms of Use It is input

④ with cell-phone number Password arrives by short email to cell-phone number that input
registered user name with.

⑤ Input

⑥ of password We have the use and the one month use on choice
1 day of period of use.

⑦ Payment
credit card cash of base rate
Electronic money
We choose means of payment among no.

⑧ Bicycle of registration completion [rental is possible]
pertinence number became in condition that rock was canceled and was available.
Be careful.

※As use proof is issued, take by all means.

Key card registration method

① To pressing the "key card registration" in terminal
From main menu of terminal, you can register your IC card as key card.
If you create a key card, you smooth borrow bicycles to not having to enter the mobile phone number from the next.

② It is touch

③ to terminal with IC card to register Password arrives by short email when we input cell-phone number and full name of input
holdings into terminal with cell-phone number and full name.

④ It is input

⑤ by password In the case of rental, registration of key card, please use from the completion
next time.
※When you want IC card for exclusive use of basket phosphorus, please refer to basket phosphorus support center.
It is

Return method

When there is empty rack

① Insert the front wheels to the vacant rack
With the sound of "gacha", will take a lock to the front wheels.
Return completion.
If within 30 minutes of the return, not additional charge.

② You are involved, and you produce according to screen, and please update
cell phone number input to push "payment, update" button or key to terminal card.
※Please receive receipt at the time of payment by all means.

Return method

When there is not empty rack

① To pressing the "full car return" button at the terminal
If all of the rack is full, please press the button of "full car return" from the main menu of the terminal.
Check your usage to be displayed, please perform the return procedure.


Q: What Kagoshima community cycle "Kagorin"?
A: Kagorin is a cycle ports that are installed in Kagoshima city 20 locations, can be borrowed at any time, anywhere, can return, is a new means of transportation. Friendly environment, makes it more fun the city of Kagoshima. Precisely because bicycle, "Petit trip" to meet the unexpected landscapes and spots Do you like

Q: Please tell use time
A: "Kagorin" is available 24 hours a day.

Q: Do not available when not registered as a member?
A: Even without membership registration you can use. In this case it becomes charge of 200 yen once for less than 30 minutes. Excess is 200 yen every 30 minutes. Payment becomes only credit card. When get registered with the 1-day membership, 200 yen one day, if it is within 30 minutes, it is also not an additional charge to you many times your day, is profitable. As for the details, please see "charge".

Q: What is thing which is necessary in the case of rental?
A: Bicycle rental is following two ways. 1) Rental with cell-phone Enter your mobile phone number and name to the terminal you have installed on the port. If you enter a password to reach the mobile phone, bicycle lock is available off. 2) Rental with "key card" IC card (Rapika, SUGOCA, WAON etc., FeliCa corresponding IC card), and is registered as a key card, you can lending smoothly. Lock of bicycle comes off, and key card is available if you can touch terminal of setting in port. (port can easily perform key card registration with terminal of setting.)

Q: Which mobile phone do you available?
A: We can use NTT DOCOMO, SoftBank, au, cell-phone, smartphone of Y mobile.

Q: What can credit card use?
A: JCB, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club are usable.

Q: Can we borrow several bicycles by one piece of key card?
A: One piece of key card is necessary because of one.

Q: When bike return, and what if cycle port is full car?
A: When it is full, and there is not space rack, you push "full time return" of terminal screen button, and please return according to instructions of screen. Summaries are as follows. 1.Please stop the bike to become not place the bike in the way of port. 2. Please press the "full car return" button on the terminal screen. 3. Please Touch the key card at the "TOUCH" mark. In the case of mobile phones, mobile phone number, please enter your name. Please enter a password The password will be sent to the mobile phone. 4. When the authentication is completed, please mail the bicycle key to "key recovery box".

Q: Can be returned in a location other than the cycle port?
A: Please repay in port for cycle. Return procedure is not completed other than the port for cycle. Please refer to "port map" for port for cycle.

Q: If the bike is stolen or broken, Where do I contact?
A: Please connect with the administration secretariat.
○Kagorin Support Center 0120-992-599

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