1.Rate system.

[Basic charge]  It depends on usage period.
※Please refer to the following list of charges.

[Additional charge]
The use within 30 minutes is free.
After 30 minutes of free has passed, will add 100 yen to every 30 minutes.

2.List of charges

[use of period fixed amount]
・The daily use: 200 yen
・The one month use: 1,000 yen
・Corporate member (one month): 2,000 yen

[Additional charge]
・One use time is 100 yen every case, 30 minutes beyond 30 minutes
・Several times are free for first 30 minutes even if they use

Time allowance
・It is 200 yen every 30 minutes

3.Rate payment example

It is very advantageous when we change port within 30 minutes.

Began to ride: Daily rate 200 yen

After use for 25 minutes, and returned to the port
For less than 30 minutes, an additional charge \ 0

Again use start

After you use for 15 minutes, return to the port additional charge for less than 30 minutes is 0 yen

Again use start

After using for 55 minutes, adding so + 30 minutes charge 100 yen

Again use start

After use for 20 minutes, returned to port [payment total: 300 yen

4.Thing necessary for rental

・Mobile phone

・Credit card or
・Cash (only as for the 100 yen coin) or
・Electronic money (only as for some port)

5.Use time

It is available for 24 hours!

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